Thoughts on Loneliness

Before the lockdown, I was someone who hardly ever felt lonely.  I met up with friends several times a week, and went to LGBTQ+ groups quite frequently.   Coworkers were good company, too.  And even when I was alone, I was either catching up on work, chatting with friends online, reading a book, writing a story, […]

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12 Tips for Speaking with Diplomacy

For years I’ve been fascinated by the art of diplomacy, how to say even difficult things with sensitivity and respect, how to be gentle, indirect, but also clear.  After observing some very tactful people around me, and doing many experiments myself, I’ve gathered a number of tips on how to speak with tact. These tips […]

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The Liebster Award

Thank you, Sophie @ Sophie’s Corner for nominating me for this award.  Do check out her blog when you can!  She writes many reflective and interesting book reviews, as well as other fun and engaging posts on reading, writing, and life in general. The Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you, provide a link to […]

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100 Truths Tag

I found this neat tag on Sophie’s blog! As the title suggests, here are 100 questions that I’ll answer for fun and for self-exploration. N.B. Some questions were cut out while this tag was being passed around. So I hunted down the rest of the questions. In this post by Bookish Owlette, all the questions […]

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Thoughts on Deliberate Practice and Outstanding Achievement

Anders Ericsson, a psychology researcher, studied many internationally acclaimed musicians, chess players, athletes, and experts in other domains; he postulates that innate talent doesn’t exist, and that we need at least 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become a world-class expert in a field.  This is called the 10,000-hour rule, a.k.a. the 10-year rule, assuming […]

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